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What's new

New home of the Poznań Radiocarbon Laboratory

From the onset of July 2013 on, extended Poznań Radiocarbon Laboratory operates in a new location. Decision on the extension was induced by getting by the Adam Mickiewicz Uniwersity of grant to purchase a new AMS 14C spectrometer. In this issue  Foundation of the A. Mickiewicz University decided to construct a new building, allowing for installation of the new spectrometer and for extenstion of the Poznań Radiocarbon Laboratory. The new home is situated next to the building, where our lab has operated for 11 years.

In the new home, Radiocarbon Laboratory is equipped with lines for parallel preparation  of 30 samples (in the former home, there were 20 such lines).

The new hall with vacuum lines... prl2_42.png
prl2_22.png directly adjacent to the spektrometer's room...


... and next we have a large room for chemical preparaiton of samples.

Ultimately, our lab will posses lines for parallel preparation of 40 samples. This will allow us to increase our throughput and in future, should distinctly shorten our turnover time.

Moving the Laboratory to the new home
Decision on situating new home of the Laboratory, was reached by the Foundation at the end of 2011. The new, 3-floor building (E) of the Poznań Park of Science and Technology has been constructed in a very short period of 8 months, between March and November 2012.

The photographs below show the building "E" in March, April, June and September 2012.  prl_000.png


Rooms of the new home, on the first floor of building E", were put into operation at the end of 2012. A part of the main hall, with a specially concreted floor, has been devoted to space for the new 14C spectrometer, and after its installation, was encased with a glass wall.

Before moving the equipment from the old home, in the new hall we launched new lines for preparation of 10 samples.

Next, we were gradually moving the old vacuum lines from the old building, and installing them in the new home.


AMS 14C dating in Poznań started in mid-February 2002. Since that time, the number of samples dated per month was gradually increasing. Besides, we were continuously monitoring the  quality of our dating.

Since December 2003 the 14C dating unit consists of Poznań Radiocarbon Laboratory and AMS Laboratory. The new structure works as effectively as the former one, and the change does not alter the quality of our dating and the manner of our contact with the external customers.

In summer 2004, we extended our sample preparation lines. This expansion significantly increased our throughput and reduced our turnover time.
 point2.png On 07.04.2014 we made 70000th AMS measurement
 point2.png In May 2014 we launched new lines for simultaneous preparation of 10 samples
 point2.png On 05.03.2014 we made 60000th AMS measurement.
 point2.png In Feb-March 2013 AMS 14C Laboratory got the second spectrometer  for 14C analysis
 point2.png On 15.10.2012 we made 50000th AMS measurement.
 point2.png On 14.04.2011 we made 40000th AMS measurement.
point2.png In December 2009 we launched system for on-line sample registration
The results of 3rd stage of VIRI, published in July 2009, confirm reliability of our dating
point2.png Reorganisation (August 2009) enabled us to increase our throughput by up to 30%  
point2.png In June 2009 we had 4-weeks' break in operation of the accelerator
point2.png In October 2007 we launched the program for persistent customers
point2.png In June 2007 we commissioned NC analyser for screening of bone samples
point2.png On 20.04.2007 we made 20000th AMS measurement.
point2.png On 14.03.2005 we made 10000th AMS measurement.
point2.png In October 2003, the first reparation of the accelerator was necessary.
point2.png In September 2003 we  significantly reduced the background of the AMS spectrometer.
point2.png We can perform 14C dating of samples smaller than 1mgC






Installation of the new AMS spectrometer   


The new spectrometer "Compact Carbon AMS" ser. no. 012 arrived on 12 March 2013. It has been installed in the just constructed building "E" of the Poznań Park of Science and Technology, Foundation of the A. Mickiewicz University

  cams2_2.png   To the left: boxes with the parts of the spectrometer just after unloading the container. To the right: the main parts of the spectrometer in the first approximation arrangement


The new spectrometer was installed and launched in the period of five weeks

Arrangement of analyzing magnet: to the left - rough approach of placing the magnet stand,
in the middle - transportation of the magnet, to the right - fine adjustment of the magnet's position
in the ion beam path


After installing the spectrometer and encasing its room with a glass wall, we could start  moving the equipment of the Poznań Radiocarbon  Laboratory

Spots where our samples come from


  European projects

  Our center participates in three European projects:


Integrated Project: MILLENNIUM „European climate of the last millennium"

Integrated Project: ECOCHANGE “Challenges in assessing and forecasting biodiversity and ecosystem changes in Europe"
nice.png RTN NICE: „Network for Ice Sheet and Climate Evolution”

The official partner in these projects is the Adam Mickiewicz University, and the tasks of the projects are realized by 14C AMS Laboratory

Our birth



... just after passing acceptance tests...

 At the right side: Dr. Thilo Hauser (NEC) who leaded the installation. At the left: Dr. Mariusz Sidowski, who helped during the installation. 


Failures of the accelerator

January 2011

lancuch_1a.png lancuch_2.png lancuch_3.png
Wear on the pelletron chain and the chain drive wheels
Worn working surface of the chain drive wheel (after 14000 hours of work)
Fragment of the worn chain

June 2009

wrongpump.jpg pompa_1.jpg ramka_pompa_1.jpg
  Failure of the pump in the accelerator tank
  Rotor of the turbomolecular pump totally crashed on 14.06.2009
(after 7.5 yr of continuous work)
Parts of the rotor in the mini exhibition on spectacular failures of the components of our AMS spectrometer

October 2003

 Katarzyna Białasiewicz busy with cleaning the accelerator tank
 It was only a fan...
  .. it costed 50 PLN and several days of work.

Our throughput

  The graph below shows the number of 14C dates obtained since the beginning of our activity.




Despite keeping high throughput all the year, large number of samples received in the last months, considerably increaed our turnover time (time between sample's arrival to Poznan and age reporting). Currently, this time is ca. 18-20 weeks.
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